Terms And Condition

  1. I am acting on my behalf as an individual and I am an adult of 18 age or older.
  2. I have personally attended and received the certification at Upway marketing Pvt ltd DDS(way to live).
  3. By signing this application and receiving approval by the company. I will become the distributor DDS. And from the initial stage of joining you will receive up to 20% discounts on the products. And as you grow in this, your discount will be upgraded.
  4. This is my first application for the company. I have not signed any of the previous applications with Upway marketing Pvt Ltd. If any previous applications found then my first application to the company will stand and all business will be transferred.
  5. Terms and applications attached to this annexure are like the binding agreement between me and the company.
  6. I am an independent distributor, not an agent, employee or a partner. And I will be responsible for my own business. I am solely responsible for all payments for any goods or services supplied to me in the course of business.
  7. I recognized that any bonus under this agreement is based on my performance of distributors, selling or promoting in the same function in the sale and delivery of the DDS products and in the accordance of the marketing plan but not on the numbers of hours worked.
  8. There is no required minimum investment or minimum inventory required. And all purchases shall be in reasonable quantity.
  9. I have received and read the companies policies, procedures, and marketing plans and agree to it. And I agree to work with companies policies. I understand that my work and lack of acts, misrepresentation may cause violation of the company's policy.
  10. The company may at any time, any reasonable notice they may change, amend and modify the company's policies to maintain the marketing system, legal requirements and changes in economic conditions.
  11. I will properly represent the company products in accordance with the company policy.
  12. I hereby agree to register my mobile and email for email and SMS alert.
  13. I will do everything with proper business ethics. I have never been charged with any criminal records.
  14. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and the court of Mohali, India shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arriving from these agreements.
  15. All disputes and differences arising between me and myself will be resolved according to the dispute resolution clause.
  16. I agree to buy the products from the designated distributor. I agree to sell the products at a price not exceeding its maximum retail price as printed on the product.
  17. Products given by the company will be returned within 30 days in the accurate condition.
  18. I may at anytime terminate the agreement by giving 14 days prior written a notice to the company.